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The point of solar panels is not to ensure "solar profitability," but to make for a greener, better world. Its profitability is only justified insofar as it moves us towards that goal. If we want to switch to renewables, then sometimes we're going to have surplus, because of how renewables work. This is well known and discussed ad nauseam. If that makes power markets unstable, then the problem is with markets, not with there being too many solar panels.

Business Insider headline: Germany has too many solar panels, and it's pushed energy prices into negative territory

Microsoft’s best selling products these days? Foot guns and bulletproof shoes…

Incredible report: “ supports, finances and is directly involved in clandestine operations in North African countries to dump tens of thousands of Black people in the desert or remote areas each year to prevent them from coming to the EU.”

This makes the directly complicit in human trafficking, torture and murder of black people.


❤️ to the students. Heartbreaking how core values of university education have been totally lost. Now all about running a business to extract as much money as possible.


A second Boeing whistleblower has died. Josh Dean, a former mechanical engineer and quality auditor at Spirit AeroSystems, had flagged a manufacturing defect in a pressure bulkhead of the 737 MAX. He died Tuesday, two weeks after suddenly taking ill, being intubated and confined to the ICU. He filed a formal complaint against Boeing last year.

Dean's death comes two months after a separate Boeing whistleblower was found dead in his car from a gunshot wound to the head. John Barnett was due to appear for day 3 of depositions but never showed. His body, and a gun in his hand, were eventually found in a parking garage. I'm not aware of any surveillance video showing him driving there that day.

Are these deaths coincidences? A diabolical conspiracy? Either seems entirely plausible to me.


@GossiTheDog you should probably report that email address to Apple, "[email protected]" looks like something one would use in a targeted phishing campaign.

My Mastodon server, cyberplace.social, has received a legal threat in an attempt to have a user's thread deleted. It is styled as a cease and desist.

I have published the email here:

Conservatives and liberals both share the belief that the only legitimate rebellions happened in the past

are you for fucking real, GitHub?

Iran’s reputation in the West as always seeking to “destabilize the region” is being exposed as pure propaganda. The US and “Israel” are the aggressors and destabilizers. They don’t belong there! What the fuck are US warships doing in the Red Sea?? US troops in Iraq/Syria/Jordan?

Corollary: Your adversaries' SBOMs and dependency graphs for your infrastructure are better than yours.

@briankrebs There's also Jigar Kumar and Dennis Ens in the mailing list pressuring Lasse to get another maintainer. There's also krygorin4545 and misoeater91 on the Debian bug report for the 5.6.1 version.

I hate how some people are using the xz situation to say "hah open source bad" and simply ignoring the history of SUCCESSFUL backdoors inserted into proprietary software like Solarwinds or Ivanti. Even worse - those backdoors didn't require 2 years of work to get into the org

@JorgeStolfi @GossiTheDog @SamantazFox No one is mentioning a product or service called "Upstream" in any of these articles. They are using the word upstream which has a meaning in the software development context. You are the one who is mistaken :)

too soon?

a modification of xkcd number 2347, where "all modern digital infrastructure" is depicted as a random and delicate stacking of bricks that all depend on a small and precarious brick near the bottom labeled "some random project about to get owned by a nation state actor"

Countries connected to their primary trading partner in 1960 VS 2020

Why do I keep having to explain the impact of RCE to triagers 😭😭😭 #bugbounty
Image where triager on hackerone asks "can you advise what is the risk here"

This should be a viral national story in . After this team unanimously unionized, Google refused to come to the bargaining table.

A resolution supporting the workers was brought to the city council. The day the workers showed up to testify on the resolution, Google laid off the entire team.

This was the precise instant when YouTube Music employees became aware that we had lost our jobs, as we were addressing the City Council.

This is happening because the propaganda necessary to run cover for an active genocide diverges so wildly from what journalists have been trained to expect from a news outlet that even the fairly establishment-loyal staff of the mainstream press are becoming alarmed by it. The New York Times’ coverage of Israel’s destruction of Gaza has been so blatantly biased in favor of US and Israeli information interests that it’s starting to shake people awake within the outlet itself — people whose unofficial job is to write propaganda for the US-centralized empire.