My Mastodon server, cyberplace.social, has received a legal threat in an attempt to have a user's thread deleted. It is styled as a cease and desist.

I have published the email here:

This is the thread they are trying to have removed, you should be careful not to boost or interact with it.


If anybody is wondering, yes, it is real and no it isn't phishing. And yes, they sent it from an Apple customer email address, [email protected].

They claim to be representing Felix Juhl of Artefaktum LLC, a cybersecurity company.

@GossiTheDog boosting for glory of the great untrue facts

@GossiTheDog I wonder why they cited, of all things, a King County Superior Court civil case here?

The original toots had zero boosts, zero favorites and zero replies before they sent the email — and for some reason wasn’t indexed on Google.

Now it’s on several thousand Fediverse servers, and translated by Google:

barbra streisand

@GossiTheDog ah yes, artefaktum, with former VP of Fargo Wells (sic)

@GossiTheDog you should probably report that email address to Apple, "[email protected]" looks like something one would use in a targeted phishing campaign.

Interestingly, after almost 24 hours exactly none of the Mastodon discussion has been indexed by Google.

@GossiTheDog We do not have sourcemaps, and I do not think that they crawl the various RSS feeds we publish (there are a lot of them!). A Google team reached out to us to see how we could improve our indexing so more “real-time" posts are surfaced on search, so there may be some improvements in the coming months if we figure out how to do it properly.

@GossiTheDog I am not sure this works for Twitter nowadays, as they cut off they API / firehose

@GossiTheDog @rysiek link to it from your own site(s) to let the indexer know it's there.

Google and other search engines have finally picked it up.

I’ve had a request to remove a name from the cease and desist request I put on GitHub now. Apparently nobody wants to be the one who sent it.